As i write a lot about my four beautiful babies i thought i would introduce my three furry babies.

I have Molly who is my black Labrador. She is 17 months old now and as crazy as anything. My parents have her mum and dad so she has always been part of the family since the day she was born. I don’t know what i would do with out her she may drive me crazy at times and eaten all my left shoes but i wouldn’t be without her silly face.

Then i have my two ginger toms Rory and Fred. They are 16 weeks old and had a hard life in a short amount of time. I found them in a box in the local woods stinking of wee and not a good condition so took them home and wasn’t planning on keeping them due to recently having to put down our 5 year old cat Superhero who is still part of the family even though his not here anymore as still miss his meow every time he wanted to come in. Anyway the boys are funny and run around like crazy but they have fitted in and decided they were staying.


Sarah xx