So i have done my first sewing class at Sew in the city in Sheffield and it was really fun stressful at times but fun. I MADE A DRESS YAYS LOL. so when i got there i was rather nervous as didn’t know anyone there and wasn’t really sure if  i would leave with something wearable but i did and it looks lovely and have a happy 9 year old who now has a reversible tunic dress. We had to cut out the patterns and then the fabric and try to match it up on the top of the arms that was the hardest part as wasn’t the easiest of fabrics. Then moved on the sewing machines to stitch it all together. id love to say that it went swimmingly and not a hiccup but that was not the case. i managed to have to unpick the neck so i could but the sleeves on then ended up having to unpick one sleeve as you cant sew both to with a reversible dress at the same time as it then doesn’t turn the right way as i found out the hard way.It was fun and i would do another class again as the tutors where funny and helpful and were extremely patient with a nobbie like me. Their website is They do all sorts of courses and even provide lunch and unlimited tea that is a major plus in my books. Ill be booking on more course in the future as i want to be able to make clothes for the kids.