I have two children who have recently been diagnosed with autism after years of fighting and going against school with them telling me that they are both like every other child their age and everything i was saying was like any other child. They didn’t even listen to the fact that yes it could be any child but when they are ticking every box not just one or two then that isn’t every other child. My fight started when my second was about one or two and i was talking to the health visitor about how he was and how he was different to some of the other boys his age i knew. told her about how he doesn’t
look you in the eye even as a newborn he never looked at u he would look around your face, how he struggled to sleep at night and could take hours to fall asleep but yet still be up between 5am and 6am. He would jump of things over and over again working
out if the same thing would happen again and would arrange his toys in certain ways and that i was struggling to get him to eat anything other than cream of chicken soup. Then came in the road safety as he would just run and not stop and no matter how many times his told he just didn’t understand the dangers of the road or even simple things like not running on stairs or how hot things were. He also had a very high pain threshold. But i was told that he was like all little boys and not to worry. By the end of nursery i finally got a health visitor that listened to my concerns and refereed him to Ryegate and we started the process of being diagnosed with Autism. We had four years of appointments and evidences gathering and school still sending them that they have no worries about him at all. They even told me in an appointment with the senco that i am looking at things too much. Then in June 2017 i went to his appointment expecting the normal see you in six months but this time was different it was a different doctor who went through everything looked at him spoke to him and then told me i wasn’t imagining things that that she can see enough for her to send him to Ryegate to get tested. I almost broke into tears of relief as felt like someone had listened to me at last and see that i’m not seeing things. The day i got his appointment through i couldn’t believe it as it was a few months later and i had been told it would take up to 18 months for it. After a long appointment going over everything from pregnancy to that day and talking/interacting/playing with him they came in five minutes later and told me that i was right all those years
and that he had Autism and that he is very good at hiding it hence why i got the melt downs and they struggles at home but yet was perfect at school. The feeling of relief just washed over me and i was glad that i had pushed and pushed and hadn’t given up
five years earlier when the health visitor didn’t listen. She then told me that she wanted to get my eldest in as well due to somethings i had said while there and that as school isn’t picking up on things when they are saying A B and C but not connecting them together they didn’t want her to get any older and they struggle more then she was so they had decided to write a letter to my doctor to get her straight refereed to them and bypassing school completely. good job the did as the report from school made my blood boil when we took her to be tested and the consultant made a point of showing me as it didn’t reflect anything  that i had said or they had seen and all the things school had done with her weren’t included in it either. I was told by the consultant, speech and play therapist that with both of my children they know within minutes that they were autistic and
that they are able to cover a lot up so that people do not notice if you didn’t know what you are looking for. From then one i have felt that the fight was worth all the long days and nights and pushing and refusing to give up because now as my daughter has said she doesn’t feel broken or different anymore and that it all makes sense. I have read a lot of books to them both and gone over its OK to be different and that they are fantastic in their own way. Our favourite saying is they were born to stand out not fit in.
Sarah xx