I have had a busy last week or two so not been able to do much on here as i wanted to. I hubby has been away this week so it has been just the kids, me and the animals and will be till he comes home in a week. We have had ups and downs all week as the kids had to get used to a change in the routine. My eldest two have autism so was hard work the first few days. But we have had fun and been able to eat all the dinners their dad doesn’t like so we have indulged alittle bit. One of the hardest things i have found with their dad not being here is finding time for relaxing once all are in bed as i finish the jobs and let Molly out one last time then seem to full asleep and its one thing im strugglin with and really miss my soaks in the bath while their dad has them as these showers arent
that relaxing at 10pm. I am really enjoying the not having to worry about their dad and when he will be back or trying to stop the kids going to him after ive said no. It is alot less stressful knowing you have said somethingand it happens exactly how you have said as no on else wants it doing differently. One big thing i am strugglingwith though is how to do keep FOUR kids entertained and out of trouble as my two boys go into silly mode very quicklywhen playing together and all i can say right now is wish me luck for the next week!!




Photo of Rory just because