This morning i took the children for a walk around Rivelin Valley and we had a great time exploring. We got there early as left the house as 8.30am and spent a few hours walking around and looking at everything hidden away. It was quiet and peaceful so the boys could run and make noise without the dreaded looks from others. The kids loved the stepping stones and climbing on to a big metal chair that my 6 year old named the troll chair. It is a fantastic place and highly recommend a visit.

After a long walk we headed back to the play area where they ran and played like they hadn’t just been walking for an hour and half. The boys scared two ladies to death with their skills at the fireman pole and monkey bars as one lady said i thought he was going to fall. I told her that boys will be boys and need to play and that he was fine. This got me thinking about when i was a child we climbed trees and just had fun like children should. Since when is it that they can not do things because of the fear the adult has of them falling and getting a graze. That is all part of being a kid isn’t it. As you can see i’m not a big fan of the wrapping them up in bubble wrap so that they don’t have a scratch on them. So ill say it here and say it proud if they want to climb the climbing  frame and slide down the fireman pole then go ahead as ill be right behind them having a go too as it will most likely me that falls on the floor and grazing my knees not these bouncing kids.


Sarah xx