We went to Cadbury world yesterday 27/07/2018 and I hate to say it but I was rather disappointed. I can’t believe I am saying it but I thought it would be better then it was and the only thing I really enjoyed was the 4D mini movie.

I think it didn’t help that I didn’t realise I could book it so that we could skip lines with the eldest two being autistic ( memo for the future events look into it as would have been easier). There was a school there aswell with 50 boys and a few teachers and that really didn’t help with getting us all around there as easily and possible while the toddler was over tired and mardy. Also I didn’t realise they would play a lot of videos at the start that weren’t really interesting for children so they got bored quick.

They did enjoy tempering chocolate and writing their names in chocolate and going on the ride but had a 20 minute wait for that and had to go in 2 cars as it was 4 to a car which included babies and toddlers.

I best bit was free chocolate nothing can put that in the bad books as lets face it free chocolate is one of the best things in the world.

The elder kids enjoyed playing in the outdoor play areas and playing ping pong but yet again there wasn’t anything really for Amira as she was just too small. Even the younger kids play area she had to walk through rope bridges and her poor little legs and feet were just too small. So she got bored very quickly and frustrated that she couldn’t join in with the others.

So at the end of it I think that it is something that would only there for a couple of hours and most likely not best to take toddlers as they don’t have much to do at all. Also I should have looked at the passes to stay out if the lines as that stressed me out a lot too.


Sarah xx