We have just come home from a week in Dawlish in Devon and it was a great holiday. The children loved every minute of it and the weather was fantastic. Ive come home with sun burn but it was worth it. I could fault with we stayed there at all. The park was Part of Park Holidays and they listened to my request for being in the quiet area due to the kids having autism and sensory issues. They couldn’t have put us any where better. The caravan with in perfect condition and cleaned till it was spotless and to make things even better you got a little gift box containing things you may have forgotten like washing liquid and sponges.

Dawlish Warren its self was great and within walking distance to the beach which had a few seaside shops and a small attractions park. The kids loved going on the pirate ship even if they did hide their heads as it got higher and higher, they aren’t anything like me at all I love those sort of rides even though im scared of heights.

The caravan site had a lovely indoor and outdoor pool and a outdoor play area. The entertainment at night was good but got abit too busy for my eldest two after the Monday night so we only went a couple of times but they seemed to have different shows every night of the week to keep the children entertained and also had chances of winning certificates and toys.

We enjoyed it that much we didn’t want to come home so have booked to go again next year for 7 nights instead of the 4 nights we did this year. The hubby is even interested in looking at buying our own caravan down in devon because he liked it so much but would never be able to afford to buy a house to live down there.

Oh before I forgot I got to go to my favourite place in the world and that is Hope Cove a small not well known beach near Kingsbridge that I went to when I was younger so that made me extremely happy and the kids loved being able to go down the sea without me or the hubby by their side as we could see them easily.

It was the best £350 holiday I have had in a very long time and well worth it even if the price seemed very low.


Sarah xx37806725_10156706633371654_8563041379398189056_n