So now that  school has finished and it’s the summer holidays, its time to get my big two used to the faces and names of their new teachers next year. I find it strange that they have new teacher every year as I only have three teachers in the whole of my time in primary school.

I had a massive argument with the head teacher at school who said that the children will find out on the transition day who their teacher is going to be and that those who need extra help will have precautions in place on the day. Well good in theory if that’s how autistic children’s minds worked but in reality it was the worst thing they could have done. They were already panicking for a couple of weeks before and if I hadn’t blown my top and gone the head teacher of the schools federation I would have had to deal with a 9 year old and 7 year old refusing to go to school and melt downs when they got home from not knowing what was happening.

So it was safe to say 20 minutes after speaking to her she rang me back and told me the teachers 5 days before transition day. I wasn’t a lot of time to get them used to the idea of a new teacher and new classrooms but it made it easier that morning to get them into school without too much of a struggle. It affected my 7 year old more I had to walk into his classroom and get him to settle down with the TA which I hadn’t done in a very long time.

Now we have to keep it in their heads who their new teachers are and that they have new classrooms luckily they have the same children in the class till end of year 6 or that would be a bigger issue then I had with just teachers.  We have found that if I put a picture of their teacher on the fridge with their name and classroom they seem to get used to the idea of who will be there and who to look out for. Luckily they have TAs that they already know in their new classrooms so have a person of trust in there. My daughter will not tell them if she has a problem or is stressed/upset if she doesn’t have a relationship with them she tries to keep it hidden.

Fingers crossed that when they get to September that they are that used to their teachers faces they don’t get worked up with not knowing what to expect and here to hoping they don’t change the schools routine during the day again as last year that was a surprise none of us was expecting and took weeks to get them to be settled at school.



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