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August 2018

Weekend box for the kids

  I stumbled across these activity boxes for the kids called Weekend box on Facebook and decided to see what they were. After a glance they seemed to be great for my 6 year old and 8 year old ages 3-8… Continue Reading →

The perfect Pink Parcel

I came across a advert on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that was for a box called pink parcel and didn’t think much about it, that was until it kept coming up on my news feed and i decided… Continue Reading →

Narrow Boat Advertures

Today we went out on my mum and dads narrow boat helping them move it to their new mooring. It is one of my favourite things to do just sat their slowing going down the canals and through the locks…. Continue Reading →

The big opps with his comfort/very attached too item

I did the worse thing a mum with an autistic child who has something they can not sleep without last night and that was washing his favourite pillow case and NOT having it washed, dried and on his bed ready… Continue Reading →

I did it at last!!!

as i have mentioned before in May 2018 i decided i needed to start doing something for me, something i enjoy and gets me out the house with out the children so that i can be Sarah again not just… Continue Reading →

The Firelords Crown a must Read series

My Mum is an author and has several books on Amazon at the minute. This is abit about her. Dee Harrison was born in Nottingham, England and brought up on the tales of Robin Hood and nearby Sherwood Forest. From… Continue Reading →

Today Poopsie Slime Surprise arrived!!

The kids have wanted this for a long time but hasn’t been available here in the UK until recently and it has been delivered at last. I hadn’t told the kids that i had ordered it so was a complete… Continue Reading →

Innocent Big Grow

We have been lucky enough to win one of Innocents Big Grow packs and we have peas to grow!!! wish m e luck with that one i’m not green fingered at all. The pack came in the post while we… Continue Reading →

Food shop craziness

While the kids are on holiday i have had to go food shopping with them all which is normally a stressful experience but the last couple of times it has been OK. My son who is autistic is not a… Continue Reading →

National Breastfeeding week

It is national breastfeeding week this week and I want to put a shout out to all those mamas out there who have struggled/are struggling, those who have breast fed till baby self-weaned and those who stopped within days or weeks.   As… Continue Reading →

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