Today I picked my daughter up from being away with my parents for the last week with them on their narrow boat. My dad brought it as a sail away shell the end of June 2017.  He has been wanting on for years but kept putting it off over and over again to the point we thought he wasn’t actually going to get one. He put an offer on an old hire boat but the next day changed his mind and they decided to by the shell and build it themselves so that they can have the interior who they wanted it as they are planning on living on it when they retire.  

The boat arrived at the end of June 2017 as a hollow shell and my dad got to work right away while my husband and brother drove it down the canals and locks. It took them a week to get to the mooring as they had a bump in the road when they noticed that the brand-new engine was leaking oil but luckily the local canal boat engineer was able to fix it properly and had them on their way again in no time.  

He has spent all spare time down at his boat along with Max his loyal chocolate Labrador for loves to sunbathe on the front of the boat. Within a couple of months, you could see a massive difference and the kitchen and bath room were coming along, the engine was all boxed in and had working lights electronics and plumbing.  

Now just over a year later the boat is almost complete much to the surprise of the canal trust boat inspector who was impressed with the boat it was passed straight away which is almost impossible as he said most home built boats are failed due to the not having things done correctly. But dads’ boat was one of the nicest ones he had seen. Helps that my dad is a carpenter/gas engineer/ plumber and was taught how to be an electrician by my grandad when he was younger. The local boat electrician double checked it all and gave it the all clear.  

I have made the curtains/blinds/cushions and basket liners I’m no professional but they look fine and do their job properly.  

Mum and dad have travelled all over on the boat and take the kids one at a time with them, my daughter loves going she loves the gentle pace and being in the quiet. If I could get away with it and not end up in a mental health hospital from the kids 24/7 id move onto a boat and just move around the water ways happily but a week was enough last time.  

Mum has a Facebook page that shows the progress of the boat and all the adventures they have had to overcome to get it to where it is today their page is 

It’s amazing what they have achieved in such a short amount of time. Makes me proud of my dad and how talented he is. So please go check it and show them some love too. 




Sarah xx