While the kids are on holiday i have had to go food shopping with them all which is normally a stressful experience but the last couple of times it has been OK. My son who is autistic is not a good shopped and can get very frustrated with all the noise and amount of people there. Well Morrisons have been fantastic when i’ve had to go on a Saturday morning the last couple of weeks. Early Saturday morning between 9am and 10am they have a quiet hour where lights are dimmed and all noise is off from the tannoy announcements to music and even the sound on the checkout beeps. This has been amazing for him as it has cut out a lot of the noise and has made the whole experience easier for us to get around and out the store without him wondering off or having a meltdown in the car.  I couldnt have been anymore impressed with Morrisons for this as it is perfect for when we need to stop and grab lunch for our days out on my mum and dads narrow boat. Well done Morrsions Well done.

More supermarkets should do this as it doesn’t just make it easier for the children but for adults who also have sensory issues and will make it an easier experience for them too. Having my elder sister who is disabled and autistic this will help her get less stressed and panicking out shopping so it could be a life changer for others too.

One other thing we have had fun with at other stores in particular Tesco are the self scan scanners my son loves these and pretends to shoot the food while scanning the labels. For a quick shop this is great as it keeps him involved in the shop and helps to keep him next to me and the trolley. These are also loved by my toddler who will sit lovely in the trolley if she can hold it and press the button so a win win. Now we just need to get the local shopping center to do a quiet hour near the start of school so i can buy all the school uniform and bags without as much stress now that would be a life saver for me.

Here is the link to Morrisons blog on the quiet hour 😀


Hope they help other mums to have a less stressful time



Sarah xx#

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