We have been lucky enough to win one of Innocents Big Grow packs and we have peas to grow!!! wish m e luck with that one i’m not green fingered at all.


The pack came in the post while we where on holiday and the kids opened it. They also go the smoothies before i manged to get a photo typical isn’t it lol. With the pack you got a welcome card with instructions and a colouring sheet on the back, a disk of compost, i pack of peas and a name stick.

First we had to add water to the compost and let it soak it up then crumble it up. this bit the toddler loved doing as she loves to make a mess then we had to scoop it into the empty smoothie box.


After filling the empty container with the compost they had to insert the pea seeds and cover them up with compost and pat it down. I was surprised that the toddler didn’t try to eat them as she loves peas. If you are not careful she will start to eat peas out of the freezer.

The girls loved planting the peas and watching the compost grow and expand with the water as you could see the water level decreasing rapidly. The best thing it was a fun science lesson for them both even if they don’t know it.

You can still win a seed pack from Innocents big grow here:


Even better gives you a great excuse to buy smoothies and hide them from the kids as they taste so good, too good for the kids.



Sarah xx