The kids have wanted this for a long time but hasn’t been available here in the UK until recently and it has been delivered at last. I hadn’t told the kids that i had ordered it so was a complete surprise to them. I haven’t seen so much excitement as i did when they opened it made the wait worth it.

SO you get a tube that looks like toilet roll and have to unroll the out side layers to reveal the surprises with in. These was fun for the kids as they couldn’t wait to find out which character they had gotten and what slime it would make.

It comes with the simplest of instructions that the three bigger ones could understand and follow. you have to add 30ml of water, 5 drops of the secret scent and the unicorn food to the pot provided. Then shake it like crazy for one minute before leaving it alone for 15 to 20 minutes. This seemed along time for the kids but the timer helped so they knew how long to wait.

Then you have to take the slime out and add the unicorn magic powder that will then change the colour of the slime and add a shimmer/sparkle which makes it ready to put into your characters bottom, this bit the kids loved as it makes farting sounds when being pressed in.

Over all i think this is so much fun for the kids and different not like some other surprise toys in the market as you have to do a bit of science and time to see the end result. So for us this was the perfect way to spend half hour creating then having hours of entertainment making the cow fart all afternoon.

It is priced at £9.99 which i think is a bit over priced but matches the surprise toy market but it was worth it with the fun they had all afternoon.

Sarah xx