as i have mentioned before in May 2018 i decided i needed to start doing something for me, something i enjoy and gets me out the house with out the children so that i can be Sarah again not just Mummy. Well that was Trapeze classes. Strange one to start but i came across it accidentally while looking at getting back into gymnastics. I was googling local adult lessons when Green top circus popped up with the new gymnastics class  starting so a clicked on it and had a look around the site. This lead to me finding the hoop classes and sent an email about what the classes were and how to get signed up. Unfortunately the hoop classes were full and was put on the waiting list in case someone dropped out. I was told there was room on the trapeze class that was a bit like the hoop and if i was interested i could do the one class that night and see how i felt after it.

I decided i would go and see what it was like and didn’t expect much but i LOVED it. The teacher Jess was fantastic and made it fun and easy to laugh at your self if it went wrong. So we got to lesson 8 and she got us to try doing the Unicorn. Gosh it was hard and i couldn’t get it at all. She made it look so easy and effortless that when you actually tried it it was the hardest thing i had ever done. but to my surprise even those who were tiny and a lot more fitter then me were really struggling too. We didn’t do the move again in the next few lessons then the summer holiday came and lessons stopped but they had practice sessions on a Monday were you can come and practice everything you have learnt so you don’t forget it.

I have sent the last 3 practice sessions determined to master the Unicorn before classes started again in September. I was not letting it get the better of me, my stubbornness getting the better of me i think, i have had bruises upon bruises on the back of my knees and thighs but it wasn’t putting me off and i was going to do it AND i finally did it last night i DID the Unicorn!!!!! I am so proud of myself. This is one reason i wanted to do something for me and have an achievement that i had done and separate from the children and being a mother. This was all mine and i put all the hard work and pain into it.


Trapeze is great fun and if anyone is looking for an alternative workout then the norm this is perfect and you use every muscle possible to stop yourself falling off. I also cant recommend Green Top Circus enough they are fantastic and all instructors are so helpful and patient, they become like friends quickly and can count on them if your struggling to boost your confidence and tell you you can do it.

This was one of the best decisions i have ever made for me and well continue to prove i am so much more then just a mummy.



sarah xx