I did the worse thing a mum with an autistic child who has something they can not sleep without last night and that was washing his favourite pillow case and NOT having it washed, dried and on his bed ready for bed. I completely forgot about it and didn’t i know it when it came to bedtime. I made the beginners mistake of washing them all in the same wash, he only has 2 and normally i am on top of it but nope found one in the bottom of my wash basket hiding (black wash baskets and black pillow cases do not go) so i put them in and thought ill have the done in time but i failed big time lol.

Im actually lucky as he doesnt have an item that i would struggle to clean or that he couldnt go anywhere without. It is just any pillow but has to be black. He has stolen many of my mums pillows as i had forgotten to take his and she always has black bedding around the house think she has learnt over the years unlike me. It is a lot easier then my nephew (he is also autistic) who attached himself to a pink cushion 12 years ago and has had many different people having to drive the cushion to were ever he was as no other one was good enough for him. Luckily i just need the black cases and he is happy.

So last night he went to bed happily and with out moaning and i thought great an easy night for me but how that changed quickly. Melt down galore and me rushing and shoving it in the tumble drier hoping it would dry quickly so that he didnt wake his little sister up. One tired stressed boy makes a very stressed tired mummy. It was amazing though as as soon as he had his black pillow the melt down and tears stopped and he fell asleep like nothing had happen but i felt like i could just down a whole bottle of vodka and down my forgetfulness.

So tomorrow i am taking myself to ikea and buying multiple black pillow cases and having a stock pile of them so that i always have them sat waiting. Mummy brain 1 : Me 0

Note to self do not forget to dry his favourite things even at almost 8 he will lose it.


Sarah xx