Today we went out on my mum and dads narrow boat helping them move it to their new mooring. It is one of my favourite things to do just sat their slowing going down the canals and through the locks. The world just slowly passes bye while you watch.

The boys love going to the boat as they can drive and go through tunnels. Think no matter how old a boy is as soon as they can get hold of a machine and drive it they are as happy as can be, that goes for their dad too. While the boys took turns driving me and the girls were looking at all the different wild life from fish and ducks to swans and kingfishers. my eldest she loves wildlife and finding out what different things are and looking them up and my toddler was as happy as pie with feeding and watching the swans. This is one of the few things that all four of the kids love to do and have no big hissy fits about because they enjoy just being on the boat. My dad made it even better with colour changing lights that go all down the inside of the boat on one side. Now those seem to have a calming affect on my oldest son he can sit for ages just pressing the buttons and watching the colours change. It has worked that well i’m looking at getting him some for around the top of his bed it see if it has the same calming affect outside the boat. Anything is worth a try these days.

I think that narrow boats are so under rated and more people should hire one out as its an amazing way to get out of the busy day to day life and just relax and enjoy the world and the best bit for me is no internet means we all have to actually spend time together with out their dad having his face in his phone or the kids on their tablets, it turns it into a gadget free zone.

Those thinking of looking at narrow boat holidays do it as i know you will not regret it.