I came across a advert on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that was for a box called pink parcel and didn’t think much about it, that was until it kept coming up on my news feed and i decided i would just click it and find out what it was all about. Much to my surprise i had a read and thought that i would giving it a try and see what they were like.


This week it was delivered and i couldn’t wait to open it up and see what it was all about. I found it great with all the in formation and goodies inside. The main thing that drew me in was that they were working with different charities to help make sure that all girls in the UK can have sanitary products that we all need when they can not afford to buy them.

In this day and age it is almost hard to believe that there are thousands of girls in the UK that can not afford pads or tampons when they some that all girls and woman alike need on a monthly bases.

Here are some stats:

1 in 10 Girls in the UK can not afford tampons and pads

27% of girls have used a tampon or pad for longer then its intended use because couldn’t afford to use a fresh one, posing potential health risks

40% of girls in the UK have used toilet roll as a makeshift pad as they can not afford femcare

More than 137,000 girls in the UK regularly miss school because they can’t afford femcare

To me this shocked me. I couldn’t believe the numbers were so high for girls that couldn’t afford to buy a basic need and were missing important education due to it. This made me think that paying such a small price a month might at least help one girl if not more and that way i would be doing my part in trying to lower these stats. When you receive your box not only do you get a fantastic box of goodies for yourself along side your monthly supply of pads or tampons you also get a prepaid postage bag to send back all your unused products. The company then will send these products to a number of projects across the UK, Who are working hard to end period poverty.

The pink parcel is a perfect monthly surprise and the goodies you get inside are fantastic. I got a eye mask called a space mask that heats up and felt amazing on my tired eyes and the Eaton mess candy kittens were lovely. with the added bits of make up and face creams have a great pick me up.

So those who are wanting to have a lovely pick me up this is the box for you and i will be carrying on with the monthly boxes as i love having a pick me up when i’m feeling down once a month.

Some of the charities include:

Bloody good period https://www.bloodygoodperiod.com/

York road Project https://www.yorkroadproject.org.uk/

The red box project http://redboxproject.org/

Binti http://binti.co.uk/