I stumbled across these activity boxes for the kids called Weekend box on Facebook and decided to see what they were. After a glance they seemed to be great for my 6 year old and 8 year old ages 3-8 years so weren’t based at either of the girls. I ordered a box as thought it would entertain the children while we were on the narrow boat for 5 hours. If they didn’t like it then it was only £1 wasted so was worth the chance. They are usually £8.99 but i got it on an offer.


When the box came i didn’t really have any idea what it would be like. It was a simple ad on Facebook that i saw so didn’t think much too it. It was a pleasant surprise when i saw what came with the box and how many activities were inside. The box came with almost everything you needed for each activity including a glue stick. All you needed that wasn’t included was scissors and fresh ingredients for making the cookies.


Inside the box you get different parcels with the different animals on each bag which relate to each activity in the activity book. The book tells you about what the Weekend box is, how it came to be and about Andie and how he came up with the idea. As you go through the book you get to different activities, the instructions to go with them, colouring pages, puzzles and dot to dots. It is an amazing little book in its self let alone with the added parcels.

We started on the first activity which was making a colour changing chameleon. This was so simple to do yet the kids enjoyed pushing the colours around the bag and making them mix together. Even the toddler loved playing with this one. Once you have completed the activity you then have to stick a sticker (which are provided) onto the activity page. We then moved on to the different activities which included making a snake out of beads and a pipe cleaner, making a peacock out of foam/feathers/sequins and my eldest’s favourite part making some yummy cookies. I didn’t think we would be able to make the cookies on the boat but we DID and the boat smelt fantastic. We cheated by adding honey and making them smaller so we got more out of it.

Overall i think that it is a great idea for getting the kids to do something different then just sitting in front of electronics. It made them laugh and use their imaginations with minimal help from me. Only thing i hope they will do is make a box for over 8 year olds as my daughter enjoyed doing it too. I would have loved one based on her age more as she loves arts and crafts. It was a 10/10 from the boys, the toddler and me, even their Gumpy (grumpy Grandad) enjoyed stealing the cookies.

If you would like to try one for yourself you can get one here at  https://www.weekendboxclub.com/

It is a great little box that left me time to sit and have a hot cup of tea for the first time in days while they enjoyed themselves. We can’t wait for our next box in a couple of weeks



Sarah xx