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September 2018

I need to start posting about the bad times and not just the good times

I know many people wouldn’t post or write about this but think everyone needs to know that you do not have to have good days every day. We see all over social media people posting about their achievements and how… Continue Reading →

Noooo I don’t have the energy to clean it up

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a toddler who empties all their toy boxes out across the living room floor. I went in the kitchen for 2 minutes to fill the washer. She really does keep… Continue Reading →

I need more sleep and how sleep deprivation can affect you in more ways then just making you tired

Over the last couple of weeks my toddler has been awful at sleeping and waking up at what feels like a million times a night, then on top of that we have new neighbours next door but one and they… Continue Reading →

My big boy is 8 how did that happen!!

My big boy has just turn 8, i really don’t know where has all those years gone. I still remember waiting on the ward to go down to have him like it was yesterday. He was so tiny compared to… Continue Reading →

Aerial class is fantastic for my daughter

As i have mentioned before i have started doing trapeze classes on Monday evenings and love the hour and half of freedom from the mayhem and noise of home. I found that Green Top Circus are starting a new class… Continue Reading →

A fantastic little poetry book to help boost childrens confidence

I was recommended a poem to read to my children as it is an fantastic poem to help inspire and celebrate them and all their uniqueness. I gave it a google and found that it was part of a book…. Continue Reading →

My experience of Antenatal Depression

I found it shocking that while I was looking for some information on how many women in the UK had Antenatal depression all that I could find was statistics on postnatal depression. This has surprised me as antenatal depression needs… Continue Reading →

A review on Once upon a Time tv series

Over the last couple of months my daughter and i have been having lazy Sundays and cuddles on the sofa on Friday nights watching all seven seasons of Once upon a Time. Once upon a time is a series all… Continue Reading →

My Emergency C-sections and why had to have another three

In the UK one in every four to five pregnant ladies will have a C-section. Another way to look at this is 11% of over all births are Elective C-sections and 13% are Emergency C-sections. This is one of the… Continue Reading →

Molly and why we ended up with an amazing silly dog

We originally decided that we needed to get a dog since im home on my own during the day while the husband is working and the area in which we live isn’t the best. It got to a point in… Continue Reading →

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