We have made it to the last few days of the summer holidays and I think all mums should get an award for keeping them alive through out the summer. I’m sure I should as my boys haven’t stop fighting, the toddler hasn’t stopped screaming at simple little things from not being able to get her shoes on to her brother sitting next to her in the car.

Today we had to go to the shops to get Alyssia some shoes as she decided she needed new shoes as hers aren’t good enough anymore and also needed to find her for her new adventures on a Saturday that I will be posting about when I can photos at the weekend. It reminded me all about how us mums get so stressed about getting ready for school as perfect and smooth as possible and how I have begun to realise that is it more about me wanting to make their first days back special not about them. Arian told me he didn’t need new shoes as he likes the ones he has got already (luckily they don’t have to have black school shoes they just need to be sensible) as they are broken in and comfy. It was then that I thought I was only getting him some more for me when the shoes he already has were only 6 weeks old as brought them for holiday.

When we got home I thought about it a bit more and realised that I got them all new school clothes and gave their old ones to charity even the ones I new still fit just so that they had new and didn’t stick out as not having new yet did they really need them. It being more for me wanting them to have it then them needing it.

I also have a million school lunch boxes they have had a new one every year since they started and I seem to have a pile of them in the cupboard but they have only used them once of twice on school trips, it is only this year that my eldest two are having packed lunch and need one. Yet I have brought them new ones when they didn’t really need one. Only one who did was the toddler for nursery that was smaller for her.

I think next year I will spend less on getting them everything they would want and just buy the essentials that are really needed not a full new wardrobe. But might invest in a million pairs of shoes for the boys as they seem to get through thousands of pairs during school wonder how long these ones they have will last I’m giving the a week maybe two at a push.

But we are now all sorted the boys are going for a hair cut tomorrow so they don’t look like someone has put a mop of their heads and I may even get them some popcorn to watch with a film before bed as a farewell to the summer. Followed by a gin and tonic for me as a well done you made it through the summer and they are back at school so  breath. I know im not the only one counting the hours down to the school bell.

So here is to the last two nights before the whole is right again and I get to have quiet in the house.



Sarah xx