I ordered my first box from Birch Box and sat waiting for the delivery. I was very excited to find out what goodies i would find in the box and what design i would be getting as there was many different ones that could have turned up.


For those of you that do not know what a Birchbox is, it is a monthly box posted to your door with a selection of different products in for you to try. These where made so that your can try different products for the fraction of the price and see what you like do not like and try ones you would have even thought about trying before the box. The boxes include things for your skin/body/hair and of course the best one make up. They cost you £10 a month and £2.95 p&p.

When my box arrived i was surprised at how cute the box was it had a smiling sloth on the front, now that made it worth it for me lol. The box was made by a lady on etsy called amberstextiles. It really is a lovely box. Inside it was packed with products and ones i had never heard of.

There was samples of:

Luseta beauty coconut milk hair mask

Modelco baked blush – Moonshine

Polaar velvety sun fluid face and body

Dr.Botanicals pomegranate superfood regenerating sleeping mask (my new favourite)

Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow stick – Gold plated

Most of these were sample sizes but the eyeshadow stick was full sized and had a lovely colour.


The coconut milk hair mask smelt amazing and my hair felt so soft after using it but it wouldn’t have me going out my way to buy a full sized one but i will continue to use it till it runs out. I think there are so many products out there that do the same and some that are half the price that i think it didnt really stand out much to me.

My new favourite night mask is the Dr.Botanicals sleeping mask. Not only did it smell fantastic it made made face feel so soft in the morning. It also has the added bonus of being a leave in mask. It soaks into your skin lovely and doesn’t rub off on your pillows but not only that you just need to wash your face like you would normally in the morning. Once i have almost finished this i will be getting some more as i love it.

The make up was great and some colours i wouldn’t normally buy specially the dirty little secret eyeshadow as i see the brand being for younger ladies and teens then someone my age but it went on perfectly and is so smooth. Think i may need to invest in some more and hide them from my eldest as she is hitting the make up stage now.

But overall i loved the BirchBox and at £10 a month its a nice treat for myself and a better reason to give up on a mcdonalds meal a month don’t you agree. I also think i need a nice little treat with four kids i hardly get time to get myself anything nice and this is a perfect monthly treat thats just for me oh and the hubby as he seems to like the sleeping mask too.


Sarah xx