We originally decided that we needed to get a dog since im home on my own during the day while the husband is working and the area in which we live isn’t the best. It got to a point in which nearly every other day i would have someone try and open my front door, look through the letter box and constantly into the garden and if i wasn’t looking then things would be taken from the garden.

My mum and dads dogs were having puppies and knowing what they were like with the kids. We know we had to have one of the puppies. So that is how we came to have the one and only Molly the silly Labrador who still doesn’t know how big she is or where her back end is most of the time.

Molly has done her job and i haven’t had people trying the doors in a long time now. So while the hubby is away on work trips i feel so much more safe in the house. But not only has she made the house safer, made it noisier with the barking at the postman and anyone else for that matter (much to my amusement she really doesn’t seem to like my hubby’s sisters husband she barks at him a lot). She has become a fantastic emotional support dog for the kids. She will sit and cuddle them, if they are upset she will just sit with them till they calm down. She is parts of the family and loved just as much. Even when she is a pain in the arse and waking me up at silly o’clock on in the morning.

I don’ t know where we would be with out her, i can’t even remember life without her silly smiling face. I way she has made life easier and more relaxed for all even with her 6am wake up call due to a naughty fox tormenting her and keeps coming close enough for her to smell through the door. The best bit is seeing how she is when one of the children is upset and just needs a big wet nose and dibble tongue in their faces it is an instant smile on their face.

Those who are humming and arring over getting a emotional support dog go for it as it is the best thing we have ever done even when she is jumping in canals and streams getting us all soaking wet.

Sarah xx