In the UK one in every four to five pregnant ladies will have a C-section. Another way to look at this is 11% of over all births are Elective C-sections and 13% are Emergency C-sections. This is one of the lowest rates of C-sections seen in the UK for a long time.

When I was 19 I found out I was having my first baby. I was surprised as I found out the same day I found out I had gotten into university. After a week or two of thinking I decided I was going to keep the baby and defer university till I was in a better place. My pregnancy was great and really easy to be honest, every appointment went well and every scan was perfect. At 20 weeks we found out I was having a little girl. I always thought I was having a boy so was a surprise she was a girl. Alyssia’s due date came and went bye. I was booked in for induction 2 weeks to the day after my due date but managed to go into labour the night before must have been all the stress of not wanting to be induced.

I went to hospital at 7am and was told id be checked over but they thought I wasn’t that far along and would be sent home as looked as if I was coping fine on my own. The nurse came in and checked me and much to her surprise I was 7cm dilated. She said I must have a very high pain thresh hold as I was coping just find without.  any pain killers for the time being, I was sent off and settled into a room where I would stay till Alyssia was born.

They put me on monitors just to make sure baby was doing fine as she was 2 weeks over due and was told it was just routine. A Few  hours went by and I was checked aa few more times and was dilating nicely and was told I was best getting the epidural as it looks like ill be there awhile so best so I can get some sleep. Another couple of hours later they came and checked me and I was fully dilated and should be ready to push, 45 minutes of pushing and nothing happening they sent for the ultrasound portable machine to see what was happening inside and found babies head wasn’t fully engaged still and bobbing in and out so off they sent for the consultant who checked me and agreed I was fully dilated and while baby was still happy he would leave be abit longer to see what happens naturally. An hour later he popped his head back in surprised there was still no baby and checked me again to find that I wasn’t 10cm anymore but infact between 5 and 6cm. To this he said I was only one of a handful that he had seen where you have dilated backwards and then the one thing I didn’t want to hear came out of his mouth a caesarean section was required and told the nurse to get the paperwork and call the operating room they were bringing me down.


At 10.45pm on Valentines day Alyssia was born. She was a healthy screaming baby weighing 9lb5oz. The nursers were all shocked at how big she was as I was so tiny. I know i look grumpy but i was so tired and high on drugs lol.

When Alyssia was one I found out I was having another baby and everything was going find till I saw my consultant. I will always remember what he said to me wish crushed all hopes of trying to have baby naturally and that was due to having mechanical issues with my first delivery in his professional opinion and that of a colleague it would be dangerous for me and the baby to try to have a natural delivery and that they are putting me in for another C-section. This was something that took awhile to sink in but was best for me and baby so we had a baby boy by c-section two weeks early weighing a healthy 7lb4oz after a long pregnancy and him trying to come at 30 weeks but luckily they managed to keep him in there another 8 weeks. A year and a half later we welcomed another boy be C-section weighing the same as his brother 7lb4oz at a week early after a perfect pregnancy.

Four years later and I found out I was expecting another baby. I found this time my scar was more sore with the stretching and my hips were not that happy about carrying me so ended up having to wear a support belt to keep my hips in their sockets. This C-section was by far the hardest, I was in there for nearly two hours, my heart rated dropped to the point I was feeling dizzy and sick in the middle of it as they couldn’t pump in the anti sickness stuff quick enough. I had to have liquid pumped through my bladder as they thought they had caught it while cutting me open. The baby was rushed out into another room as she had gone floppy with shock but luckily she came out off it screaming and healthy weighing 7lb2oz.


The recovery after my last C-section was the hardest too recover from I had horrific pains in my stomach from them having to check my bladder, my scar was the sorest of all of them and it took me weeks to get on my feet again with out shooting pain. The one thing I was so grateful for was that I will never have to go through it again as I got sterilised at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I love all the kids and any that may have come after but I mentally and physically wouldn’t be able to do it again. All through my last pregnancy I kept the smile on my face and didn’t tell anyone about how I was feeling or how much I hurt as didn’t want to worry them and had the 3 kids to look after who needed mummy to do things for them.

Many people have told me weather joking or not that I had the easy option and had the kids through the sunroof but that isn’t the case. C-sections are major surgeries and come with many complications and take a long time to heal from even now after 22 months I haven’t got my core strength back to how it was before, I still get the odd pain through my scar if I pull it the wrong way. If I could have had all my children naturally I would have and I really wanted to but had to have surgery as it was the safest way to deliver them. If you take one thing away from reading this I hope that the next time a lady tells you that they have had a c-section you don’t say oh your had the easy option. Say something encouraging and something to saying Gosh you’re a strong mum going through so much to have that gorgeous boy/girl. No more mummy shaming for the way were brought our kids into the world as I know every single one of us want to make sure OUR babies come into the world in the most safest way possible. Now if they could get them out with a teleporter so no pain or surgery I may just be up for that.

Last but not least a thank you to all NHS staff as my babies and I wouldnt have been here without you and i know you don’t think you need the gratitude but Thank you for doing the hardest jobs and putting your lifes on hold as i do not think i would have made it through my time on the labour ward if my midwife refused to go home till i had had her, i will never forget her.

Much love

Sarah xx