Over the last couple of months my daughter and i have been having lazy Sundays and cuddles on the sofa on Friday nights watching all seven seasons of Once upon a Time.


Once upon a time is a series all about the fairy tales and curses. It starts with the Evil queen and snow white and the troubles between the two. Which leads to a curse on the land that takes them to another land without magic were they all do not know who they really are or who is their family. They live completely different lives. But there is one person who knows the truth and that is the Evil queen aka Major Regina Mills.

It took us a couple of episodes to get into the first season then we couldn’t stop watching it we were completely hooked. We loved trying to work out which characters were which fairy tale character. Through out the seasons there are many twists and fairy tales intertwined, we loved trying to work out why and what brought those characters together and what was going to happen next. Ill be the first to admit that i struggled to guess some of the characters and some of them i didn’t realise who they were.

I loved who they made characters find each other and how epic romances where made in true fairy tale manor. Some characters we thought we wouldn’t love turned out to be the ones we loved the most. It came with lots of tears and heartbreak from us but also lots of smiles laughter and excitement in between. It really was a fantastic series and one we will miss greatly.


So for all of you still on the fence about watching Once upon a time or only watched the first one then i would say go watch it with a cup of tea and biscuits as you will not regret it specially if you or your children love reading fairy tales as it gives them a refreshing new release of life to be once loved princesses. P.s there is some lovely eye candy to be seen through out the full seven seasons to keep the mummies happy 😉

Sarah xx