I was recommended a poem to read to my children as it is an fantastic poem to help inspire and celebrate them and all their uniqueness. I gave it a google and found that it was part of a book. It was only 1p on amazon and £1 p&p so thought why not at that price. It came quickly and i fell in love with it instantly with the funny and cleverly put together children’s poems inside.


The poem i was recommend is a poem called I’m glad i’m me by Jack Prelutsky.


It is a lovely little poem and perfect for reading to the kids when they are feeling down. The book has lots of lovely poems that describe and bring to life how the children feel from day to day and shows them that they aren’t the only ones who feel like that as the book was published in 2006 before any of them was born. So if you want something to have up on the wall or just to read to the kids i can’t suggest this one more and it even brought a smile onto my sons face even if he refused to let me take a picture.

Sarah xx