As i have mentioned before i have started doing trapeze classes on Monday evenings and love the hour and half of freedom from the mayhem and noise of home. I found that Green Top Circus are starting a new class for children on a Saturday afternoon. I signed my daughter up for the class and she has been going now for 2 weeks. It is the first class that she loves and can’t wait to go back too. She has had gymnastics lessons and trampoline classes but these aerial classes where she is learning silks and trapeze seem to be a big hit with her. The first class she started of very shy and needed a lot of reassurance through out the class but her last lesson she was enjoying it and seemed to becoming out of her box a little bit at a time through out the class. The smiles on her face when she was able to do things she struggled with the week before are wort the stress of getting her on the class and calming her nerves.

At first she didn’t like the look of the silks as she was wanting to learn trapeze but when she worked out she will be doing both she gave it ago and is falling in love with it too, she says its harder then it looks and is enjoying the having to push herself and having the challenge. Now i just need to keep reassuring her that she don’t have to be perfect and that it takes practise and for her to try it over and over again till she masters it. As her teacher told her if you make a mistake smile and style it out that way no one will know that wasn’t meant to happen.

I found the instructors are fantastic and have such calming personalities, they also have a lot of patience to work with so many children with all sorts of personalities going on that they make the class fun and entertaining while pushing the children to do their best. I did worry about Alyssia struggling with the noise and amount of other children about due to her Autism but she has surprised me and is coping nicely with it and not getting stressed which is something i would never have thought, maybe it has come with age as it was one of the main reasons why she hasn’t wanted to cry on any other of her classes since she was about 3.

If anyone is wanting to find something that will help boost their childs confidence and something out of the ordinary then i couldn’t recommend aerial classes more and even better Greentop circus are also starting to do autism classes with smaller groups and lights and music adjusted which i think is fantastic for those children who struggle a lot with sensor stimulation.

Here is the link to green top but i have been told there are more circus training groups all over the UK.


Sarah xx