My big boy has just turn 8, i really don’t know where has all those years gone. I still remember waiting on the ward to go down to have him like it was yesterday. He was so tiny compared to his big sister and looked like a little old man weighing a healthy 7lb 4oz. He was a week early and came on our planned csection day which surprised me as he tried coming at 30 weeks but luckily the doctors managed to keep him in but that was after i had to have those painful injections to make sure his lungs would be ok if he did end up coming early. But thankfully he stayed put and cooked till he was big enough.61436_573711293603_6855043_n

Over the years he has had his moments of terror but more moments of laughter and silliness. He was 7 before he was diagnosed with high functioning autism which i had a battle to get since he was 3 since nursery and school kept telling me he was like all other little boys and that yes he ticks a lot of boxes but so do other boys. After years of frustration and feeling like i was just hitting my head on the wall we got there and had someone tell me i wasn’t imagining all his quirks  that make him him and he did have autism. It was such a relief that i finally had someone tell me they saw it too and it wasn’t just one person it was four consultants who know what they were talking about. The icing on the cake was that they said they knew he had autism within minutes of meeting him and it was his school that where bringing everything up but just not connecting all the dots together not me seeing things that weren’t there.

Even if some days are a lot harder then others and visiting people and places can be very stressful as he doesn’t cope well and either hides in a corner on his tablet or goes the other way as is very noisy, disruptive and general silliness which i know when visiting peoples homes they struggle with how he can be sometimes. Luckily i have some fantastic friends that love him and his quirkiness or id never leave the house during school holidays. Lets not get into shopping trips or busy places i get stressed with the walking off the sudden loss of him being able to hear me and the nagging can we go can we go and that is on  a good day bless him. But with all the quirks i wouldn’ t change him for the world as he is the most loving cuddly little boy who tries to tell jokes and sings his head off while listening to music or doing his favourite thing in the world driving my mum and dads narrow boat you should see the smile on his face then.

Now if you know how to stop him fighting with his brother and them trying to kill each other it would make my life so much more easier.


Sarah xx