Over the last couple of weeks my toddler has been awful at sleeping and waking up at what feels like a million times a night, then on top of that we have new neighbours next door but one and they have the dog barking at all hours with the noise they make and gate slams. I have now got to the point that i am that tired all the time I’m sure I’m losing my memory and forgetting things but not only that i am so grumpy. This got me thinking at a silly hour in the morning how much does sleep deprivation actually affect mummies.

Two thirds of mums in the UK are sleep deprived and a quarter of all mums say they can not remember the last time they had a full nights sleep

I can completely relate to this as i haven’t had a full nights sleep since i was 6 months pregnant with my eldest with would have been 10 years ago now. In all these years i haven’t had a full nights sleep due to not just the kids waking me up but also the husband snoring so loud he woke me up or just him coming to bed late. My children have never been good sleepers my eldest was 5 when she first slept through, my second was 6 years old and third was 4 when he started sleeping through the night. That would have been great but he started sleeping through after i found out i was expecting my fourth and started with the hip pains that kept me up. As i tell myself i love to make my life harder lol. Now the toddler is 22 months old and she is by far the worse sleeper of them all and still up anything up to four times a night and i feel like its slowly killing me not getting sleep.

I have read into symptoms of sleep deprivation and i can almost tick every box going. Here are a few of the main ones :

Apart from extreme tiredness, signs of sleep deprivation include: 

feeling grumpy, stressed or more emotional

clumsiness or disorientation

having problems communicating

finding it hard to concentrate

being less or more hungry than usual

 As you can see one of the first things is feeling grumpy/stress/more emotional and when i read this i stuck out so much as i am so mardy and moody and get angry over simple things that wouldn’t annoy me and this is a simple thing of i’m not getting the sleep i need to function as normal as my normal can be. I wake up feeling as if i hadn’t been to sleep at all and as strange as it may sound while my husband was away for 2 weeks on his course i was getting better sleep then when he has been back. Don’t get me wrong i was still up once or twice with the toddler and then at 6.30am with the dog wanting to go out but i wasn’t being woken up by him snoring or taking up the whole bed. If you don’t tell him well I’ve told him a million times if he wasn’t in bed and slept in a different room id be sleeping a lot better too.

I then got thinking we all say we are so tired and are sleep deprived but what is it we can do to help stop feeling so tired in the morning other that spending every night in a luxury hotel while the husband has the kids and dogs every night. after some reading and googling i have found a few things that apparently we should be doing in order to feel that bit more human in the morning and through out the day and i for one don’t like the sound of some of them.

These included:

  1. Don’t hit the snooze button get up straight away and try not to let yourself slide back under the covers.
  2. Have a glass of water by your bed so that when you wake up you can take a few sips to wake yourself up.
  3. Not a nice one but do NOT rely on caffeine first thing in the morning apparently we should have a sparkling glass of water or caffeine free herbal tea.
  4. Maybe the worst one of the lot try and do some gentle exercise in the morning simple things like star jumps, dance to your favourite song or if your brave a run around the garden to get your blood pumping.
  5. Priorities your housework from the things that must need doing to those that can wait. If the whole list doesn’t get done that day so what just getting out on the school run is an achievement for me
  6. My favourite one of them all when baby or toddler is napping take 5 and sit down with your feet up close your eyes and breath, have that cup of tea hot and eat your secret stash of yummy food and if you have time you go for a snooze too because the housework can wait.
  7. Last of all take those offers of help from family and friends, do your shopping on line and have everything delivered as these simple things will take a weight off your shoulders you didn’t know was there.


But remember you don’t need a show house home and the pots can wait because sometimes just functioning and getting out of bed is the biggest achievement.


After reading on line that how i felt was normal for us mums who are up a million and one times a night and that i don’t have to have the house perfect as long as the kids and animals are feed watered and clean then i am doing my job and shouldn’t feel guilty for putting my feet up once in a while and just relaxing. Now i need to get rid of these bags from under my eyes and feel 29 again and not 92 like i do now.

Me and my bags under my eyes, don’t think any amount of make up could hide these but the glasses help.

Sarah xx