I know many people wouldn’t post or write about this but think everyone needs to know that you do not have to have good days every day. We see all over social media people posting about their achievements and how perfect their lives are at that moment but they never post about the bad days, the days you feel like all you want to do is hide under the covers and never resurface till the world has righted its self again.

I have been having a lot of bad days lately more bad days then good and feeling absolutely rubbish. The toddler is refusing to sleep properly and is up loads, the dog is barking at silly hours at the new neighbours, the children do not stop fighting and the husband isn’t helping by saying he can’t look after them all for a night while I go to mum and dads boat for a night off and get some sleep for the first time since i was 6 months pregnant with the toddler.

I know that life has its ups and its downs and at the minute life is throwing all the downs at me in one go so when something good does happen it all i post about as no one wants to hear about the bad times or the times you didn’t quite get there. But why not posting only the picture perfect good times isn’t helping anyone, I see people i went to school with and grew up posting their holiday aboard pictures and their big massive wedding or that they have brought a house or even some thing so simple as someone had brought them flowers. I really cant remember the last time my husband came home with flowers for me other then a last minute end of my birthday gift as he forgot it was my birthday even after the weeks worth of count downs. But after looking at all these pictures and how everyone else’s lives look so perfect and that they have made i life for themselves i start feeling worse about my self and know i shouldn’t but we are all human and can’t help ourselves. Id have loved to have had the big wedding and all the jazz that went with it just as i dreamed about as a little girl but instead i got a registry office wham bang thank you Sam wedding and one that didn’t even feel like my wedding. I don’t have my own home not because i’m lazy or don’t want one but because i spent 10 years applying for visa after visa and all the extras that go with them to keep the husband in the country with the kids and me. Which that money we could have brought a house but all the money for a deposit went to keep the family together, so now while we save up a deposit we are stuck in a tiny house so we can save away. Id love to go on expensive holidays and feel so jealous of those who do but that’s not what has happen we make the most of all holidays we can afford and make it as good as we can for the kids so they don’t know any different.

When i was younger i didn’t see my life being how it is now I was going to university and going to be a social worker, i was going to have my own home and travel the world first stop was going to be Italy. I got into two universities and the day after i accepted a place i found out i was having my daughter so i put it all on hold and to be honest i am glad i did as now 10 years later i really don’t want to be a social worker. Yes life hasn’t gone as planned and took a different path but I wouldn’t swap my monsters for the world. So when i feel down and in the dumps about how my life is compared to others i  try to remember that i have what people are so desperate for and try years to have and that is my wonderful children the one thing in life that i did right and wouldn’t change. I also need to remind my self that i will travel the world and get to go to Italy but not when i was young free but when I’m older and can enjoy it more as will have the pennies to splash out on things i wouldnt have been able to in my early 20’s.

Yes i am classed as a young mum and was a mum at 19 so just in the teenage bracket but have made a life for myself. Now I’m going to post the rubbish and crap things as well as the good because everyone in the world needs to see that its not just them that have a bad day everyone has them too.

So lets not compare our lives to that of others because behind that smile of theirs they still go home and eat crap, watching day time tv and be general slobs no one can be that perfect all the time


Sarah xx