As you all know i have a toddler that doesn’t know what sleep is and still wakes up at 22 months odd multiple times a night. So after speaking the the community nurse who works with the health visitors and visits mummies so babies and toddlers who how to put it nicely like to avoid sleep and aren’t great eaters, i was given a list of sleepy foods to try with the toddler over a few weeks.


A rare afternoon nap for the toddler

At first i was lets does this and how it will help her sleep better. Well that sort of went down the drain as my lovely but picky eating toddler wouldn’t eat a lot of them but we did have a winner and one that i really never thought of being a sleepy food and that was fresh banana milk. It wasn’t a miracle worker but over a few days i saw a difference in her and she went from waking up 4 or 5 or even more times a night to once, if i can get rid of that one id be a happy mummy but i’m not pushing my luck.

 Here are some sleepy foods i was told to try with her:

Bananas – an excellent source of magnesium and potassium which helps to relax muscles and tryptophan an amino acid that helps with sleep. You can blend one banana with a cup of milk or soya milk to make a perfect bedtime drink.

Almonds – they contain magnesium promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation. They can also help to keep blood sugar levels stable overnight.

Dairy products – make great sleepy foods, calcium is soothing and can help reduce feelings of stress. Things such as yogurt, milk, cheese contain tryptophan which helps you nod off more easily. P.S cheese doesn’t give your nightmares

Porridge- easy to prepare and helps keep little tummies full over night. Its rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sillicon and potassium which all of them help to promote better sleep. You can even add some banana on top.

Cereal- as long as its not a high sugar cereal it can help keep tummies full. These are carbohydrate rich foods and increase the availability of tryptophan in the bloodstream.

(Tryptophan in food takes around an hour to reach the brain so could be a good idea to give tryptophan before their bedtime bath and story so that it has time to start working)

Things to avoid include:

Anything with caffeine in – like coffee and tea

Fizzy drinks and cordials – these can aggravate their bladders causing wetting during the night

Sugar filled foods – Things like biscuits, cakes and sweets shouldn’t be eaten in the run up to bedtime.

I tried the toddler with the porridge and cereal but she is a fussy eater and wouldn’t even try it but she loves her banana milk at night and is helping to get her to sleep for longer you can tell the difference in her when she doesn’t have it as she is awake more times then normal.

So if your a very tired mummy and think you have tried everything then maybe some sleepy foods at bedtime might help you get them to sleep for longer and hopefully better then before. Now wish me luck with getting this last  middle of the night bottle off her, lets see who will out stubborn who first.

Sarah xx