Coming up is maybe one of the hardest awareness weeks to think about and that is the Baby Loss Awareness Week from the 9th October 2018 – 15th October 2018.


What is Baby Loss Awareness week:

Baby awareness week is all about raising the awareness of loss of a baby in pregnancy, during birth, at or soon after birth or in infancy. In the week of the 9th to the 15th October more than 60 charities all come together to help raise the awareness of baby loss and the key issues affecting those who are or have experienced a loss of a baby.

Throughout the week many bereaved parents, their families and friends, come together  with each other and others across the world to commemorate the lives of babies who died during pregnancy, at or soon after birth and in infancy. Then at 7pm on the 15th October we light a candle to show not just support but also to remember the babies.

Loss of a baby is something i know many woman struggle to talk about and take a very long time to come to terms with. It is something that also still affects them their whole life as they grieve for the child. I haven’t lost a baby my self but i have seen my sister loss many babies through out different stages in pregnancy and her losing a little boy at around 20 weeks still gets to her today specially around his birthday as he would have been 20 or 21 now. Then she has had 7 miscarriages around her 2 rainbow babies who are 13 and 12 now. Each one was just as hard for my sister and as if it was the first and still to this days she misses them all. She has had a tattoo done which includes all the babies and will talk about it if asked. I think what we need to do is ask about the babies and acknowledge that they were there and keep their memory alive. As though they might have only been there a short amount of time they have made the biggest imprint on the hearts they have touched.

My sister isn’t the only person i know that has had a miscarriage my friends little sister has lost her first baby and my mum has lost a couple of babies before she got past the 12 week mark when trying to have me. Though i don’t know a couple of ladies in person but only over the internet through my pregnancy group in the one group all due in November 2016 we all went through the loss of 2 of our fellow babies one at 22 weeks due to him not having kidneys on his 20 week scan which the whole group helped her through and let her let everything out that she felt she couldn’t say to family. We all still 2 years later light a candle for him on his birthday. Then a second lady lost her little boy at a couple of weeks old from what was thought to be a cold to turning into a nasty infection that his little body just couldn’t fight off.

So on the 15th October i will be lighting my candle at 7pm for all these babies and more that need remembering as they were taken too soon.

You can also buy special pink and blue pin from charity shops or online to help raise money to give support to those affected by the loss of a baby. But the most important thing we can do is talk about Baby Loss with family friends or online as we need to break the silence and the stigma around Baby loss and make it something we can talk about with people, grieve and share with others so that its not locked up inside and hidden away as if they were never there.


I ask you all to light a candle and talk to the whole world about our babies and remember them all as we should as the beautiful little angels they are.


Sarah xx