So the last week i have been rather quiet on all fronts, i have not only been busy with having my niece over for a few days i also ended up with an upset stomach and having to entertain 5 children and animals i felt like the walking dead drugged up to their eye balls just to get moving. But i have also not been feeling my self and being down. Nothing new there as i am prone to depression. Last couple of days have been the hardest and just wanted to lay in bed and cry my heart out but today i decided i needed a kick up the butt and made my self get out and not just because i had to go on the school run or take Mimi to nursery or the food shop. I took Mimi out for a shopping to get her some new shoes for winter that she can walk in but will keep her feet warm. Doesn’t sound hard but because of her in toeing it can be a difficult task to find a pair that she can walk in and as i found out today she struggles if they are above her ankles. So took us a million shops and ended up going to the shop i didn’t want to go to as they cost an arm and leg but we finally got a pair from Clarks over an hour after starting the search. I also went out and had MacDonald for both of us, lately I’ve not brought it for my self as want to shift some weight but as i worked out i am loosing weight but I’m also putting on muscles so doesn’t look like it on the scales they really aren’t my best friend lately.

So tonight i am making bungs for my dads port holes on the boat and trying to work out a plan for Christmas presents as i have no idea what to buy the kids. I have decided i am trying out the 4 present Christmas this year which is:

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read

But i have added in two more which are something to make and something from Santa. I have got to a point in which I’m fed up of toys being used for a week or two and being forgotten about so going to do things differently this year. As i thought they get presents from lots of other people so don’t need a lot and now I’m running out of ideas and i don’t have anything myself yet. If their dad has way they wouldn’t have anything for Christmas because he is a massive grumpy guts. I think I’m bad when it comes to Christmas and not liking the decorations everywhere or the messing but he is a massive grumpy guts but i think that is because he is from a non Christian country so they ever really did Christmas like we do here. But i have decided this year I’m going to do Christmas from the horrible trips to Santa to the decorations and Crafts. I used to love Christmas but i really don’t know when it turned into something i dread.


So i think i will leave that there and get on with these bungs so i can sew them up tomorrow before i completely forget about them


Sarah xx