As you all know the toddler is a really fussy eater. We struggle to get her to eat anything that is not cheese and cucumber. I was ask to review the Nestle Cerelac cereal with the toddler. We were given their Gluten free rice and milk and their mixed fruits & Wheat with milk.

When the box came i was surprised with how much was in the box i wasn’t only given bits for us to try but also packets of the mixed fruit and white for other babies to try too along with meal planners and spoons.

I was a bit apprehensiveĀ  at first as she never really likes to try new things and can take many many tries with her to even try it. I thought the best bet was to try it when she wasn’t in a bad mood and had slept well as that factors in a lot of food too with her. The First time she tried it was a flunk and she wasn’t too impressed. so thought we would leave it a day or two and went back to it this time with strawberries on top and that did the trick i think as she ate the lot. I like the fact you can adapt it to different ages and add things to the cereals.

I like the meal planners that they sent with them as they cam with many ideas on what you can do and also have 4 recipe cards. These are really helpful for young babies that are starting their weaning journey and have many different ideas you can try.

Overall we think these are great cereals and i love the fact they have gluten free options as it helps other babies and toddlers to enjoy their breakfast too. I would definitely recommend the products to other mums and babies as if my fussy eating toddler likes them then it may be worth it for other fussy eaters to try.


Sarah xxx


(This is a gifted product to review not a paid review and could be classed as an AD)