As you know i have a toddler and she turned 2 yesterday. How has two years gone by so quick i will never know. For a change it was a really easy day and the toddler shouted at the others every time they tried to touch her birthday toys. I has really got to me this time with her getting older and i think it is because she is the baby of the family and i know i am never going to have another baby so want time to slow down with her. But it is speading past and not slowing down at all.


This year i haven’t spent alot on her birthday and didn’t really get her alot either as one she didn’t need anything and two i really didnt see the need of buying her loads of toys i know she wouldnt play with so she ended up with 5 presents and 2 of those were books to go with her Leapfrog Leapstart so don’t really count as presents. I see people post pictures of piles and piles of presents and don’t get me wrong if you want to spend the money and have the money to buy so much great but what do you buy, i struggled with getting her what i did and that was after looking at different things over and over till something jumped out at me as she has enough things already.


What go me the most was oys now are half a toy at £50 then you have to spend another £20 here and there to buy everything you need to actually play with the toy in the first place. Why cant it be how it was when i was a child you brought them a kitchen and the food and dishes all came with it or you buy a car track and it was a full track not a 30cm peice that then needs a million other sets to be brought just to make a full track not even mentioning that if you want more them one car you have to buy them separate too. So i decided i wasn’t going to be buying a million and one toys so that she had a toy that she could actualy play with, with the added bit of her dad thinking they only need one thing for birthdays and christmas as he is a massive grumpy pants, i decided she only needed a couple of bits and she still only plays with two of the toys and one of those was from my mum and dad. They are her Dolls pram and a cozy coupe fairy car that she loves.

Think i have learnt a lesson this time with her that she doesn’t need a million and one things for her birthday she is perfectly happy with what ever she gets and that it is all in my head that she needs things that she really doesn’t. Im so glad i have friends that know how to stop me feeling guilty for not giving her a mountain of presents and telling me its ok that she only gets a couple as she isnt with out and has things all year round. I don’t think  i would have come to the realisation myself if it wasnt for being told to stop worrying that she only has a couple of presents for her birthday and that just having family and adventures are more important then toys and stuff.


Sarah xx