I have had a very busy few weeks lately from poorly children to starting work. Its made coming to talk to you all very hard, specially with the toddler who has been attached to me constantly. Cant complain i love the cuddles just not the following me to the loo screaming at me.

In between all this i have been trying to keep up the the silly Elf on the Shelve things for Christmas luckily the kids haven’t said a word about our Elf going a few days without doing anything (His very lazy). Who else finds it hard to think of things for the Elves to do when i was young there wasn’t a thing as Elf on the shelve. Who came up with it and adding more onto my plate???? Who ever it was needs to be on the naughty list for life. Ive seen hundreds of posts on facebook of things people have had their elves do and it makes me think that im so boring and not creative as ours doesn’t do anything like them.

Im getting really bad at looking at others and how they are as a parent and putting my self down as i am so tired and do not have the energy to do more ontop of our daily routine.  If you have any easy ideas they are more then welcome as im out of them now and still have 12 sleeps to go.

Sarah xx42654701_270616350450258_8082176441506070528_n