I have started back at work!!!! I know its most likely as shocking for you as it is for me. 

Right lets go back to the start. I was starting to feel like my life was closing in around me and i was just mummy not Sarah and that all i was doing was something that was around the kids. I started Trapeze and that was great got me out on a Monday night but that stopped making me feel like i was doing something with my life and i started hating my husband for it as he could go out to work, travel and do anything in his life yet i was stuck and couldn’t do anything that didn’t involve taking the kids with me or having to come home quickly as one of them was upset and he didn’t know how to calm her down. It made me feel completely trapped. 

After months of being told by friends and my mum that i need to get out and do something that makes me feel like me again and something i enjoyed like i did when i worked in care. I put my big girl pants on and called one of the old supervisors from where i used to work (they closed nearly two years ago) to see if they were taking on any new staff. I went in got an application form and had an interview and started a week later. 

What a difference going back to work has done to me i actually get out the house and get to talk to different people a couple of nights a week and as i work in the community with the elderly in their own home you get a wide range of people to talk to and giggle with and i find it so rewarding as they just love to chat. Its early days and just getting back into the swing of it but i feel like i never left even through it has been nearly 3 years and even some of my regular service users from all those years ago recognise me which brought a big smile to both of us. 

Now I’m not saying its fixed how I’m feeling completely as I’m shattered and really need a year of sleep specially with the toddler not sleeping right the last couple of weeks but its given me something that is for me and gets me out the house and given me a purpose. 

Here’s to getting up and dragging your butt out to even some pennies and not having to reply on the husband for pennies.

Sarah xx