This year I decided I’d try the Elf on the shelve for the first time, wasn’t going to be doing it every day religiously and take it as it comes and I’ve got to say its a pain in the bum to do, I didn’t remember have the time so the elves didn’t move much and then I found even thinking of things for them to do was annoying as the whole thing.

So next year the elves will be there but stay watching not moving as I’ve decided I’m not a creative mum like some.

The elves moved 4 times in 24 days here well 5 if you count going back to santa on Christmas eve. One of them I forgot to take a picture of and that was 23rd when they had a swing and brought the kids a magic key to get in the house as we have no chimney so had to use the door, I was that tired after work I forgot to take a photo and when i managed to get downstairs let’s just say the toddler got there first. So as you can tell this is how my attempts have been shocking to say the least.

First as the normal hello and we are here rubbish. Which surprise surprise I forgot to take a picture off.

Second they stole the toddlers Christmas train for a ride. This one was the easiest I think to come up with as I’ve said before I’m rubbish with this stuff.

P.s. they are called Sam and Eric

Third I was bored and was watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here so what happened to the elves they were in a challenge.

Fourth was something their dad did and one I wouldn’t have thought off and that was trying to fly and crashing into the tree.

Fifth was the elves bring Christmas tree chocolates (Which went in a day) and saying I’m boring and also window stickers.

Sixth was as said before delivering the key but I forgot to take a picture as I’m useless and too tired to do it all but hay they did something.

Other then these Sam and Eric sat in the tree or under it watching and waiting like creepy pervs to see what the kids are up too. But I have decided I’m not going to even try and attempted it next year as its such had work trying to keep on top of it all. I take my hat off to anyone that can keep it going every day or so as I just forgot constantly.

Sarah xx