Throughout December I have been shocked at how little the true meaning of Christmas has been left behind. It’s not just the shops who have made it a massive commercial event to bring in a lot of money but also at the kids school who no longer do the Christmas play/fair/party but no do the winter performance/fair/party. It’s as if the word Christmas is a forbidden dirty word that shouldn’t be uttered.

The kids school did the Grinch for their play this year which was great and funny but not once have they done a nativity play in the last 6 years. Which I think is something all children should have the pleasure of once in their lives as even else do you get to dress up and a star or a sheep etc. When I asked it was because the school has multi cultures and they want to involve everyone. I don’t know one Muslim parent at that school who would object to their child doing the nativity play or even learning the story about it but not even that most the school are Christians anyway. They make cards that say seasons greetings and have a winter party and fair instead of a Christmas party and fair. It’s something that confuses me as they celebrate the different religious events and by there names yet Christmas is ignored.

But it isn’t just at school the shops are all obsessed with Christmas being commercial and for making money that it the real meaning of Christmas is being hidden away. The whole december month is being turning into a money making scheme where we are now expected to have an elf on the shelf that not only reports to santa is the kids are being naughty or nice but they also give the children gifts through out the month. Then those who don’t have the creepy pervert elf get picked on at school and told they must be on the naughty list that’s why Santa hasn’t sent them an elf.

I asked my kids what was the meaning of Christmas after years of telling them about the bible stories and why we celebrate Christmas and i was shocked that they struggled to tell me about the nativity play and why Christmas is an important celebration for Christians. All they said about Christmas was that Santa brings you presents at Christmas and you have to be good. This made me think and realise that maybe i need to teach them more about Christmas then just a story and get them out and about more but its not just that I think a society as a whole needs to strip Christmas back to what it once was a celebration that’s for the whole family coming together and spending time together in stead of a day of what someone has brought you and getting angry if you didn’t get what you wanted.

This year has been a difficult Christmas time and a hard one for my niece and nephew who found out their dad had died on the 28th December 2018 a couple of days after they should have been to visit him but he cancelled as he was in hospital. My sister in laws husband has separated from her in an awful way on 29th December 2018 without even telling her just changing the locks to their home. All this has made me so thankful and showed me life is so short and to make the most of it so this year I’m making memories with the kids doing as much as I can with them and also teaching the true meaning of what Christmas and all religious celebrations are about through out the year so that they understand and enjoy themselves and know its not about what you get its about who you spend your time with.

So here’s to a happy New year and making it one to remember.

Sarah xx