I have decided to put my big girl pants on and signed up to a online course ready for university in September 2020. I’m doing a Access to Higher Education (Nursing) course ready to go to university to do Mental Health Nursing.

It has taken me awhile but now that the toddler is older and able to entertain herself for a while i decided maybe i should get back into the swing and gain the degree i have always wanted to do and show the kids that you can still accomplish anything you want to do no matter how old you are. I also want to show them that yes you may have to stop something for a while but never give up and doing something different for the rest of your life, continue fighting and make it happen as it will make you feel proud of your self for doing something you never thought you would.

Now all i need is to cross my fingers and toes that i can pass my science assignments. There are so many things on them that we never did at school so lots of research and luck i think.

Wish me Luck

Sarah xx