Last week was my 10 year wedding anniversary. Into double figures already to be honest I’m not sure where these 10 years have gone one minute it’s our 1 year anniversary next its 10. Before I know it it will be our 20th.

We didn’t do much watched a film and that was it. No presents or anything to each other think you get past that sooner then you think. No one really knew it was our anniversary either as not made a big fuss.

One thing that hasn’t happened like he said was my wedding vow renewal at 10 years. He said I could have the wedding I wanted then as we were both young and had a small wedding we could afford back then but at last no big white wedding dress for me, maybe on our 40th anniversary I’ll get my dress. Or I’ll just buy one lol.

It’s been a hard 10 years, we’ve had 4 kids, multiple visas so their dad can stay which was stressful every 2 and a half years. Problems with his family staying long periods of time or and not to mention general ready to kill be for his lazy unhelpful attitude. But I know he loves me in his own little way even if he hardly ever shows it.

Now if anyone can tell me how to get through another 10 years without killing him I’d be grateful.

Sarah xx