I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the new perrier and juice in Strawberry and Kiwi, Pineapple and Mango and the Cherry and Peach.

Perrier & Juice is made up 79% Perrier sparkling natural mineral water and 15.7% fruit juice. The best bit is that each can has less the 50 calories which are perfect for those of you like me who go to work and needs a drink that will not only quench of thirst but doesn’t go straight to your hips. With me working in the community I have to have quick drinks that taste great and this has been amazing.

I have taken them to work in the car and they have been a perfect addition to my glove box. They taste great and even in-between many calls they are still sparkling and taste the same even an hour later. I like the fact they come in different flavours and a can that is just the right size that you don’t end up wasting any.

I got the kids to try them too and they loved them just as much as I did. My favourite is Pineapple and Mango closely followed by Peach and Cherry. Kids loved Strawberry and Kiwi and drank all 8 cans in no time.

Think these will continue to be a staple in my working supply box for now and the future.

P.s. I even got sent some funky glasses that Aly stole.

Sarah xx

(This could be classed as an add, but I haven’t been paid for reviewing it)