Over the next few months ill be taking you on a journey with me. I have finally built up the courage to go the doctors about constantly needing to go for a wee since having the toddler. After a very embarrassing conversation and talking through my options I was referred to the Bladder clinic. Something I never thought I would be going to at my age.

Two weeks later, I’m sat waiting for my first appointment with the specialist incontinence nurse. They go over all your history give you a once over. You have to do a bladder diary for them to look at, I was told mine was the best she had seen helps I have to fill them out at work. Told that I’m drinking enough so that’s great, the only issue I have is that my bladder isn’t holding enough. Then came the horrible bit she had to do an internal to see what my pelvic floor muscles were like.

From the examination, one good thing came from it when I had my eldest I was told my mechanics didn’t work that’s why I had to have an emergency C-section with her. The nurse told me that the reason why she couldn’t be delivered naturally is that I have a very low pelvis bone and that there is physically no room for her to have been born naturally. This made me feel a lot better about having the next 3 C-sections as they would never have been able to come down either.

The bad thing is my pelvic floor is shot and that yes she can tell that I am trying to do them but my stomach muscles are overcompensating for it. So now I need to see a specialist physiotherapist see if there is anything they can help do that doesn’t involve stomach muscles trying to help. If not it will be on to the next thing where they use electric pulses to make the pelvic floor muscle to contract to try and get it to start working on its own.

I asked her now that I am officially broken does it mean I can be put down but she said no. Don’t think that’s nice of her.

To increase the size of my bladder and the quantity it can hold I have to do bladder drills. Bladder drills are where you have to try and hold it past the first urge of needing a wee till the last possible minute. As this will slowly over the next couple of months increase the volume of my bladder. As she put it my bladder will only hold less then half what an adult bladder should. Mine will only hold 150ml to 200 ml at the most were as a normal adult bladder will hold 400ml before needing a wee but can hold 500ml at the most. The nurse said that hopefully doing this over the next few months it will have increase the amount it will hold. This is a starting point while I wait on the physiotherapist appointment for hopefully helping with my pelvic floor muscles.

If that wasn’t the worst bit I have to cut out things from my diet that are irritants to our bladders. so I’m no longer allowed Caffeine so now on decaf tea, Fruit Juices i.e lemon/orange/pineapple etc, artificial sweeteners (so no sugar-free/no added sugar juices) as well as fizzy pop. Basically everything I love lol.

I’ll update you on my next appointment and let you know how these bladder drills are going.

Sarah xx