I received a Lidl Baby box in the box in the post recently and wasn’t disappointed in it when I opened it.

Firstly for those who do not know what a baby box is here is some information on them:

The Baby Box Co. was started to help parents keep their kids safe. Over the years, we’ve expanded into delivering educational content, rewarding moms and dads, and creating a parental support community that continues to grow.

The Baby Box Co. is not just about babies or boxes. It’s about creating a safer world for children by supporting parents. Our community is your safety net, bringing you expert information and trusted products so you can protect the ones who matter most. We provide the parenting education you need before you even know you need it, so you can conquer uncertainty and win the day—or at least the hour. From pregnancy through infancy and early childhood, we deliver what you need to parent with confidence and raise safe, happy kids.


When i opened the box there was a beautifully decorated box with a mattress inside and a bag. Inside the bag there was a sheet for the mattress and a pack of nappies and wipes. It looked so well put together.

In order to receive a free box you have to complete a few questions and and watch some videos on different aspects of bringing up a baby. When you have completed The Baby Box university you are rewarded with a free box that will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. The box is a perfect alternative to a moses basket specially those who are struggling money wise and could do with a little hand and something that does the same job as well as those who love the idea of a baby box. The mattress is perfect and breathable and the sheet is fitted so that it will not come off when baby moves. The mattress fits perfectly in the box and has no space around the edges where little fingers and toes could get caught and have perfect plain and simple picture all around the sides for those tiny eyes.

Baby boxes have been around a long time in different counties but mainly in Finland but within the UK Scotland has started to give new mums a baby box when they leave hospital. I really would recommend these to anyone and wish they were about then my 4 were younger as I would have used it all the time. The one that I have has been donated to a lovely lady in the community through my health visitor as she has fled her abusive partner and has nothing for her or her baby so has given her something that will be useful for a good few months while she gets back on her feet. This is another reason why I think that all hospitals should provide them as you just do not know what circumstances the mums are in.

Sarah xx

This wasn’t a paid review and nor was I asked by the company to do a review