This post is an entry for the #MeatMatters challenge, Sponsored bu Simply Beef and lamb. Learn more about the benefits of cooking and eating beef and lamb along with recipe ideas and inspiration here:

I have been kindly given £10 to buy ingredients to cook and show you our favourite Beef or Lamb Dinner

We as a family eat different meat products daily and have to find different was in which to jazz it up. As we are a mixed family we find we have to have more red meats in the kids and their dads diets as they tend to have to have the extra boost in their iron with of course Beef is full of.

So why choose beef and lamb in your diet well not only are they a great meat to cook with in many different ways but they are also very good for you some of their health benefits are:

  • Beef/lamb are naturally rich in protein
  • Lamb provides four essential vitamins which help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Beef is a source of iron that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Lamb provides 7 vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being
  • Beef provides 8 vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being

We like to make so many different dinners from the good old English stew to a hearty Asian curry and rice. But one of our favourite meals lately is the weird but surprisingly tasty cheeseburger Pasta.

Here is the recipe for anyone who wants to try it:


  • 500g Penne pasta
  • 500g Beef mince
  • 3 rashes of bacon (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 Tin of condensed tomato soup or a tin of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 Cup of grated cheese
  • Salad to have with it and optional table sources

Takes 30 minutes to cook and Prepare and feeds my family of 6


  1. Cook the pasta following the instructions on the packet.
  2. Cook the beef in a large pan on a medium heat untill it has browned and no longer pink. Then drain and place to the side.
  3. Chop the Bacon (if including) and fry in the pan you cooked the beef untill it has browned and crispy. The place bacon on a plate with a paper towel to remove the fat on it.
  4. Drain the pasta when cooked and add to the pan, stir in the soup/tomatoes. Add the water and the mince and bacon and mix together
  5. Remove from the heat and sprinkle the cheese on top. Cover the pan or leave a couple of minutes until the cheese has melted.
  6. Serve and enjoy with salad and sources of your choice my children love it with tomato source.

The total amount i sent was as followed

  • Beef mince £2.50
  • Pasta £0.95
  • Tin of condensed soup £1.50
  • Cheese £1.90
  • Bacon £1.25
  • Salad £1.00 (cheated and brought ready made)
  • Total £9.10

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