The last week the kids and me have been away to Scotland. According to google maps it was a 7 and half hour journey which was scary when it was just me and the four kids as their dad is away in Pakistan for a couple of weeks. When I planned our trip I didn’t really realise how far it was and originally it was meant to be all of us including their dad going but it just happened to happen that he decided he was going to Pakistan so it ended in just us going.

It was panicking me the day before as I was trying to get all packing done, sort the house out and then making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, made sure that all the cameras and tablets all charged to give the kids something to do. I didn’t get to bed till gone 10.30pm still couldn’t fall asleep as I had a stupid song in my head and was driving me crazy.

1.30am came around too quick. I had to get up and fill the car (I don’t live in the best of areas so you have to pack things last last minute) then chuck the kids in the car ready to go. I even remembered to but all the snacks and tablets in the front of the car in easy reach for the eldest to grab and pass around.

The first hour in the car most the kids were still awake since they had to wake up and walk down to the car at 1.45am but from then they all slept till 4.30am when the toddler woke up screaming and wanting her nappy changing so we had our first stop just before the Scottish boarder. We all pilled into the car and off we went till they woke up but the car decided just under 2hours from Aviemore that the ABS/EPS/Auto parking off was going to all flash on and scare me to death. But luckily I was told it wasn’t something serious and I could keep going to were we needed to be then take it to the garage to checked out which turned out it had just over heated and the car didn’t like it. We managed to get up to my sisters for 8.50am and the kids were absolutely fantastic and didn’t really make a fuss at all all the way there.

I was really nervous on our first night in the B&B as it was our first time EVER in a B&B or hotel and worse was it was our first time and it was only me against 4. But it was complete waste of panicking as the kids were behaving and the fact the B&B had no TVs was a bigger plus as the kids had to play and entertain themselves with the games/puzzles/books that were all supplied by the B&B. They even ate their dinners that Les (who owns the B&B) made us all., Our first night went swimmingly and the kids went to bed with no fuss including the toddler for the first time in a long time.

Day 2 was an interesting start as over night it had snowed that heavy it had knocked the power out in the village. Luckily the lad across the road is a good friend of my sister and Les so she kindly let us go over to keep warm in her livingroom as she has a log burning stove and Les got to cook a massive Scottish breakfast on their aga stove in the kitchen. The kids loved playing in the snow and what made it better was that the schools were still open (nothing closes Scottish school apparently) so the kids got to go play in the snow fields with no one else about. We took day 2 slowly so that i could become a human again after a long day the day before and the kids seemed so tired out after playing in the snow we all went to bed early.

Day 3 was an interesting day the kids didn’t find the idea interesting at first but once we got there they had more fun and had to find out more which made the travel worth it. Where did we go do i hear you ask well we went to the Culloden Battle Field and it was an interesting place to go. I even made the kids stand next to the family stone. The kids loves getting to hold the old pistols and muskets and the toddler loved pretending to shoot people with the cannon. I was just a shame that I couldn’t get photos of them as it was too busy and a million kids and me was hard work.

After Culloden we went to Inverness and stocked up on the essentials i.e. doughnuts and Easter treats. We even got one of the boys a winter coat in the winter clothes sale. Then OMG Les outdid her self with tea that night.

That evening we spent the evening playing board games and just having a laugh as it was our last night in Scotland with my sister and her 2 so we made the most of it and the kids got to stay up a bit later then normal. We even had our year family Easter egg hunt around the downstairs of the B&B. The kids loved it and made us all laugh when they couldn’t find some that we sat looking at them.

Day 4 was the day we were going home. We had our last Scottish breakfast and spent the morning with everyone before we headed home at lunch time. Its took us 8 and half hours to get home with a few stops as we slowly slowly made our way home as it wasn’t a rush. The kids were great and didn’t fight argue or mess about. We even stopped and had McDonalds just before the English boarder which gave the kids time to run about and have some time to stretch their legs and run around. We made it back home just before 9pm.

I couldn’t believe how easy and nice it was going on a small family trip with the kids was. We had so much fun and i didn’t have to actually shout and tell the kids off at all all week but gosh they have made up for it the last few days. Think the used up all their good behaviour when we were away so now they are trying at times.

It really hasn’t put me off doing it again just me and the kids, it really has shown me that i can do it on my own and if needs be i can take the kids hours away on my own and not panic my head off with thoughts of hoping they behave and that they don’t show off as at the end off the day i know that they are my pride and joy and that they know when to push mummies buttons and when not to and when it is time to be best behaved. Will do did it again in the next month NOOOO but i could in the summer when the weather is better and we wouldn’t end up being snowed in again.

Sarah xx