Last week i was given this lovely book to look at and review. As soon as I heard about this particular children’s book and how it helps to explain what happens in mummy’s tummy week by week starting from 12 weeks I was really excited and couldn’t wait to read it.

As you all know with my eldest two being autistic and wanting to know everything about everything I wanted to see what they thought of the book and if it was something they would find interesting. It is safe to say I didn’t even have to have a doubt as my 10 year old loved reading it and loved how it told you how big baby is at certain weeks. She giggled at some of the comparisons like how baby was as big as a pumpkin at 40 weeks.

The book is written by Helen Lacey and illustrated by Carla Moreno. You first open the book to very cute stickers. These are for certain weeks of pregnancy showing the size of baby compared to the size of fruit and vegetable. This gives you something for the children to stick in the book making it more interactive. At first I thought it might be more for older children but how wrong was I it is great for all ages my eldest was reading it to my 2 year old and getting her to point to things in the pictures.

One of my favourite things about the book is that it is easy to read and tells you what baby can do or hear Which is written as if the baby is telling you. Its beautifully illustrated from start to finish with pictures of baby and how they develop from a group of cells to the beautiful baby 40 weeks later. Not only does it tell the children about baby but it also tells them what baby will need when they arrive, what happens at different appointments including your Scans to simple things about how they can help with baby and guessing what baby will look like.

We all know us mummy’s are always looking for unique things to keep for when baby arrives and this is the perfect edition to the baby’s box as it has been completed and used by their big brother or sister.

This book is something that I wish i had seen when I was having my last 3 children as it is something that not only helps the big brother/sister feel involved but also helps them to see what baby looks like week by week as well as letting them know easy to understand information about what baby is doing that week too.

Lets Talk To Mummy’s Tummy is available to buy at and costs only £11.99.

There is going to be book two of the set which is coming out in September 2019 called Let’s Talk About Your New Baby Brother Or Sister and I really can not wait to see this one, I know it will be just as good as Lets Talk To Mummy’s Tummy.

Sarah xx

I was given this book free for a review and all opinions are my own