In June I had my 30th birthday and it was the first time in over 10 years that i had a weekend away.

Since my 29th birthday I have been planning my trip to Venice for my 30th birthday, but it didn’t go as originally planned. Ill tell you why:

29th Birthday in 2018

I booked my birthday treat for my 30th birthday on my 29th. Strange I know but i have always wanted to go to Venice so why not. I book an apartment for me and 2 of my friends in Castello which is a quiet part of Venice and only 4 bridges from St Marks Square. Then I had a long wait before I could go to Venice.

January I booked my friends and my flights from Stansted to Marco polo and booked our car park tickets. I was getting very excited and started planning everything we were all going to do and where we were going to eat.

My friend couldn’t come

A few months later I got bad news one of my friends couldn’t come as she was told by the doctor that she wasn’t allowed to fly. I thought I would have to cancel it all but in the end i decided that it was a once in a life time trip and somewhere I had always wanted to go. So you guessed it I went to Venice on my own still and arrived there on the morning of my birthday.

I am a bit of a stickler and I had planned the whole trip out of what I wanted to do and where to go, even had all the trips and tours pre-booked, printed out and in a folder my date and time. I know I’m weird. I had a map with everything marked with a sticky dot and a code written out that of course had the best ice cream shops labelled.

My 30th Birthday

The day before my birthday I drove done to Stansted and stayed the night in a travel lodge (first time ever) and left at 3am on the Friday for the airport. It may not be a big thing for most people but I have only been on a plane once and I was a baby at the time so I was panicking as Im terrified of heights. Plus just to make it more interesting my bra strap and wrist that had nothing on set the alarms off at the airport security. The most embarrassed I’ve ever been.

Looking out the window

The plane taking off was awful the first time but now its fine and i don’t mind flying i even sat looking out the window. A couple of hours later I landed in Venice and I was so excited, I hoped on the pre booked bus and less the half an hour later I was in Venice the place I had always wanted to go to. I couldn’t believe i was there and was the happiest i had ever been. Saying that the first thing i did was go on the hunt for the little cafe that everyone said you needed to go to called AL 133. The pancakes I had were amazing.

of course I had Ice cream

I made my way slowly to Castello to get my apartment keys and the apartment was only meters from the water. It was amazing inside and perfect for what I needed. After dropping my bags off I wen tout exploring I walked to St marks square and looked around then make up to Castello and around there with an ice cream of course because it was lovely and warm.

On the Saturday I went around St Marks Basilica, Doge Palace and the bridge of sighs then around to the fantastic spiral staircase. I was loving every minute of it and because I had done my research I was waiting less then 10 minutes to get into everything as it was all prebooked.

Sunday was my last day as had a flight that night and I had a boat tour of 3 of the Islands Murano, Burano and Torcello. It was a perfect ending to my short and magic visit to Venice.

Yes I would say doing a 3 day visit was a quick one and I know I could have done more if I had longer there but it was perfect and something I will remember forever.

Anyone wanting to go and only have a short time should go and enjoy it as I do not regret a single second and was the perfect 30th birthday present to my self even if it wasn’t how i originally planned it.

Sarah xx