What happened to me you all ask, well I’ve moved house and county and now live with my mum and dad.

Lets go right back to the start and tell you how we have ended up at my mums and dads and how I’m now parenting on my own. Back in June after my fantastic birthday treat which was a weekend in Venice, I came back and someone had tried to break into the house while the kids and their dad was asleep. Luckily they didn’t get through the glass as it is safety glass. It was then that i decided that we were not staying in the city and that the children and I were moving even if that meant their dad staying in Sheffield because of his job.

We decided that the kids could finish their last term at the school as it was only a month left and began packing up the house. I rang the primary school they would be moving to to see if there was any spaces for them all, I then applied online which to my surprise they had their place offer letter less then 24 hours later. Everything seemed to be falling into place and they loved the school when we went to look around. It is a lot smaller then the school they were at and now they have been there for a few weeks you can tell the difference in them already.

So end of school came around very quickly and so did moving day. I really do not know how I manged to pack the house up to go to two different places as well as moving all bills and accounts to the right place. It all seems like a horrible long dream but I did it and had us all ready to move on moving day even if the old landlord was being his normal awful self and demanding things that are done that are his job after 9 years of us being there. But now I don’t have to put up with him ever again so on thing off my shoulders.

Moving Day

When we moved their dad stayed in Sheffield and is still there working. Apparently he is now going to university for the next three years too. It is hard as the kids only see him every other weekend but I kind of like it being me and the kids.

In August the children were settling in to their new home and making friends which was fantastic as it confirmed it was the right choice. I had to slowly go through all the boxes and find places for them all. (many are still in the shed) The summer holidays went past as quick as a flash.

Before we knew it they has to start back at their new school. I was really anxious about it as they do struggle with so much change at one go but they are doing great. My eldest son is taking long to settle in but the SENCO is great and doing this with him to help get him there. We are now in week 9 of living with my parents and we are the happiest we have been for a long time. The toddler is also now going to nursery for 2 full days a week.

Mum and dad live in their camper van on the drive during the week then at the weekends they go to their narrow boat for some peace and quiet. I felt bad that they went to their van but as mum said dad is happier when he has his own space to go off to for quiet when the kids are getting to noisy.

Now that I can get 5 minutes peace and quiet while the kids are at school and the toddler is happy playing I am slowly getting back into the swing of life. Even if the kids are still taking up most my days from dance club and football to getting the eldest ready for her 11+ exams as now we have moved there are Grammar Schools which is were she needs to be as she is a very clever little girl.

The one thing i have found since moving 9 weeks ago is how friends that were a constant have become a shadow and you hardly speak to them any more. Its sad as we would talk all the time but not any more, but I’m starting to make friends with some of the mums around here even if its only a chat at the bus stop.

That’s everything that has gone off the last 9 weeks and how I’m an only parent and how life has changed. Hopefully if will continue to just get better and better but for now I’m taking each day as it comes and enjoying the freedom and quiet the countryside has brought us.

Sarah xx